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Dishwasher Not Drying

As a St. Petersburg Appliance Repair I can’t tell you how many times we have heard the customer say, my dishwasher will not dry dishes. This is an extremely common problem with modern-day dishwashers.

It doesn’t matter what brand dishwasher you have, aside from perhaps a Bosch dishwasher. Which by the way in addition to being one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, Bosch dishwashers do a fantastic job at drying dishes. And for the record, Bosch dishwashers do not have heaters in the bottom of the tub. They do have a water heater underneath that as you will learn is the most important factor in drying dishes.


Most dishwashers manufactured to be used in the United States have a plastic tub with a heater in the bottom to help maintain the water temperature and supposedly dry the dishes at the end of the cycle. The problem is the plastic tub! The heater in the bottom cannot get hot enough to really dry dishes if the incoming water temperature to the dishwasher is not hot enough.

The most important factor in drying dishes at the end of the cycle is the water temperature that enters the dishwasher. Let me help you understand why. At sea level we all know that water goes from a liquid to a gas at 212 degrees. To the human hand a water temperature of 200 degrees will seem extremely hot. However it will not be hot enough to turn liquid water to a vapor. Everybody that you talk to says hey you want to save energy, turn your hot water heater down to 120 degrees. Well if you don’t mind wet dirty dishes, a water temperature of 120 degrees entering a dishwasher will be just fine. That’s if you’re lucky. A water temperature of 120 degrees leaving a hot water tank will be lower especially if it travels a long way and the pipes are located in a cold environment.

The fact is the water temperature entering a dishwasher today needs to be much hotter than 120 degrees. Ideally you would want the water temperature of 140 degrees entering the dishwasher.

Let us conduct an imaginary experiment to illustrate this point. We have a gas range with two identical burners, and we take two identical size pans and fill both pans with one cup of water. We put both pans on top of the range and turn the burners to high. The only difference is that the water we put in one pan is 120 degrees and the water in the other pan is 140 degrees.

Now ask yourself which one of these two pans of water is going to boil first? Obviously there is a certain amount of time that the water needs to go from its current water temperature all the way to 212 degrees so that it can boil. You would have to agree that the pan with the water temperature of 140 degrees is going to boil faster and turn to a gas AKA steam sooner.

This is the problem with dishwashers. Dishwashers have a very specific amount of time from the end of the wash cycle to when the timer or electronic control reaches the off position. Therefore the heater in the dishwasher has a limited amount of time to do it’s job. The main function of the heater at the end of the cycle is to take the water that is on the dishes and heat it to a point where it becomes a vapor and leaves the dishes.

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Best Septic Tank services

The septic tank is usually made of concrete, fiberglass or plastic. It is typically buried and should be watertight. All septic tanks have baffles (or tees) at the inlet and outlet to insure proper flow patterns. Most septic tanks are single compartment. However, some people install two-compartment tanks or two single compartment tanks in series. While typically designed to hold a minimum of 1,000 or more gallons of sewage, the size of the tank may vary depending upon the number of bedrooms in the home and state and local regulatory requirements.


The primary purpose of the septic tank is to separate the solids from the liquids and to promote partial breakdown of contaminants by microorganisms naturally present in the wastewater. The solids, known as sludge, collect on the bottom of the tank, while the scum floats on the top of the liquid. The sludge and scum remain in the tank and should be pumped out periodically. Solids that are allowed to pass from the septic tank may clog the absorption field. Keeping solids out of the absorption field not only prevents clogging, but also reduces potentially expensive repair or replacement costs and helps ensure the ability of the soil to effectively treat the septic tank effluent. Therefore, an additional safeguard in keeping solids out of the absorption field is the use of effluent filters on the outlet of the septic tank. The wastewater (effluent) coming out of the septic tank may contain many potentially disease-causing microorganisms and other pollutants, such as nitrates, phosphates and chlorides.

After the effluent leaves the septic tank, it is transported either by gravity or by pumps to the distribution box and laterals. The distribution box is included as part of the system to separate the septic tank effluent evenly into a network of distribution lines that make up the absorption field. The figure below illustrates the distribution system as one would see it from above. The main pipe from the septic tank leads to the distribution box or “D-Box” from which an equal amount of effluent is channeled to each of the laterals. The laterals are located underground and become part of the zone of treatment and zone of disposal. The zone of disposal is illustrated in the figure below and works as follows.

The effluent is distributed through the perforated pipes, exits through the holes in the pipes and trickles through the rock or gravel where it is stored until absorbed by the soil. The zone of treatment, which is located in the unsaturated zone of the soil, treats the wastewater through physical, chemical and biological processes. The soil also acts as a natural buffer to filter out many of the harmful bacteria, viruses and excessive nutrients, effectively treating the wastewater as it passes through the unsaturated zone before it reaches the groundwater. This treatment primarily occurs at the top of the zone of treatment, where a Biomat develops, consisting of living beneficial bacteria, organic matter, and mineral precipitates. The Biomat provides a substrate for decomposition of the “bad” bacteria. The “clean” wastewater enters the ground water again in the “Zone of Disposal”, which is typically permeable soil or rock material that is above the water table.

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Remove Dryer Drum

If you have a squeaky dryer and need to replace the rear rollers on an older Whirlpool, or Kenmore dryer you will need to remove the dryer drum.

It is very important as always, to disconnect the dryer from the electrical supply. Once you have done that, lift the small door on the top of the dryer and remove the lint filter. Next remove the two screws that secure the lint filter housing to the top. Now using a putty knife or very small screwdriver push in on the two retaining clips located on the left and right just below the top where the opening is between the front of the dryer and the dryer top.

Push in on the right clip and lift the right side slightly. Then do the same with the left side. Now you can lift the top of the dryer and lean it to the rear against the wall.


You will probably have to pull the dryer forward some to allow the control panel to clear. Make absolutely sure that this panel does not fall backwards. This will damage the control panel and wiring harness.

With the top leaning rearward, you will need to remove the two screws that secure the left and right sides of the dryer to the front. Depending on what model you have, you will either need a Phillips head screwdriver or 5/16 nut driver. Just down from the top on the left and right side facing forward are the two screws that secure the side walls of the dryer, to the front. Remove those two screws but continue to hold on to the front of the dryer.

Once the two screws have been removed, you can lean the front forward lifting up slightly on the dryer drum, to remove it from the front drum support attached to the front of the dryer. On most models of Whirlpool and Kenmore dryers, the front is secured to the base of the dryer at the bottom by clips facing upwards. All you need to do is slightly lift up the dryer front to disengage the clips. On some models the front is secured by two screws that face upwards. You will want to remove these two screws in advance before leaning the top rearward.

Now that you have the front loose, be careful not to damage the wires attached to the door switch. You should have sufficient movement in the wiring harness to allow you to lean the dryer front to the side without disconnecting the wires to the door switch. Make sure the front is secure and will not fall because next you need to disengage the dryer belt from the motor.

Take a flashlight and look to the right hand side of the dryer drum all the way to the rear. Take notice of how the belt is routed around the drum and through the idler pulley onto the motor pulley. Using your right hand, lift up on the idler pulley to relieve tension from the belt. Use your left hand to lift the belt off of the motor pulley.

Now you can use the belt to support the drum as you lift it out of position to gain access to the squeaky rollers or rear seal. With your right hand pull up on the dryer belt, and with your left hand grab the front of the drum and lift slightly with the belt that is in your right hand. Now you can guide the drum forward out of the dryer cabinet and set it off to the side.

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Find party bus rental NJ

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Good tours of Ireland you might be interested in

You can see some good tours of Ireland here

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Dublin Bus

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Dublin City Language Tour

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Situated in the spectacular coastal scenery of the North Antrim Coast, you will find Northern Ireland’s most famous landmark – the Giants Causeway

Hop On Hop Off Tour Of Dublin

The best way to view all that Dublin has to offer is by open-top bus. Sit back and enjoy your 1 hour 30 minute fully guided tour.