Hire best Raleigh Residential Roofing Contractor

May 15, 2019 0 By shescrafty

When determining if your roof needs to be replaced, we will look at the extent of the damage that your roof has sustained. Many things can cause problems that will result in the need for roof replacement. You might need Raleigh residential roof replacement if age or storm damage is causing your roof to leak. Because you can’t always tell if you need repairs or a roof replacement, you need an experienced professional Raleigh roof replacement company contractor.


An experienced Raleigh roofing company contractor, will listen closely to your needs and provide you with a roof replacement that you will not only love, but that will provide you with years of reliable shelter. As a general rule, once more than a quarter of a rooftop has severe water damage, it should be replaced. Repairs may not help at all, or they might postpone a replacement by only a short time. Look for these signs:

  • Nails Popped Out Under the Wooden Decking
  • Warped, Buckled or Missing Shingles
  • Multiple Leaks or Growing Dark Spots on walls or Ceilings
  • Spots of Daylight Visible in Your Attic

At Shield Roofing, we strive to eliminate the stress by providing you with a free inspection and estimate to make sure you know what needs to be done and how much it will be. Our professional Raleigh residential roof replacement crews are experts in all aspects of roofing systems and are fully trained, insured, and bonded. We are proud to be a locally-owned and operated residential roofing company contractor, and we are focused on providing our Raleigh residential roof replacement service with the utmost integrity and commitment to customer service. We offer several different types of roofing materials, and we go above and beyond to make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied.

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