Hire Termite Pest Control Charlotte NC

December 27, 2018 0 By shescrafty

Termite Pest Control Charlotte NC is sure that you’ve been looking for a company with your best interests in mind, and thats who we are.

After more than two decades in the industry, we understand working with the client to provide what we like to call our “Unconditional Guarantee.”

How can we offer a guarantee like that? Simple. Your services will be performed by the owner. Here at Pest Control Charlotte, there’s no passing the buck nor disinterested employees. In fact our main number forwards directly to our cell phones ensuring you’ll get immediate answers to questions. We care. We’re committed to our clients.

A common misconception about all pest control is that it’s highly dangerous. That’s just not true. In fact, we can even show you methods to reduce household pests without ever seeing a drop of pesticide.

Our very own Low Impact Pest Control is our expertise. We use low toxicity, low odor materials that normally carry a minor “caution” label as opposed to “warning” or “danger”. Those chemicals are substantially more dangerous to you and your children. Whether or not you decide to use Termite Pest Control Charlotte NC, always ask for Low Impact Pest Control.

We are your best value. As a family business we have a very low overhead and those savings are passed on to you. Nowhere else will you find a pest control company as caring, prompt, or as affordable as we are.