What's Your Sexual MO?

What do you sleep in?
Satin nighty.
A tank top and panties.
A t-shirt.

How do you get a guy to approach you at a club?
Look over coyly, flash a shy smile and wait for him to respond.
Make eye contact and proceed to sensually lick the salt off the rim of my margarita glass.
Do something wild, like dance on the bar.
Approach me? No, I approach him.

What fairy-tale character would you most like to be?
Snow White. She had seven guys who would do anything for her.
Rapunzel. Hello! Her prince climbed a frigging tower to get to her!
The Little Mermaid. She was willing to give up everything to be with the love of her life.
Sleeping Beauty. Nothing could wake her but a soft kiss from her true love.

What's your favorite part of a guy's body?
The soft spots: nape of the neck, earlobes, inner thighs. Places that beg to be stroked.
His chest and arms: all the better to hold me with.
His butt: could bite right into that luscious ass. Rawr!
His package: what else provides such instant gratification?

Favorite sex position:
straddling him on a chair, so close I can feel every inch of his body.
me on top taking control of my own pleasure.
missionary, succumbing to his totally enticing male strength.
doggie-style. So deliciously brazen.

How do you get your man revved up?
Perfom oral sex.
Kiss him while looking into his eyes.
Talk dirty while nipping at his neck.
Give him a hot-oil body massage.

Which fantasy could you see yourself acting out?
Bringing champagne into the shower and making love in the steam.
Throwing him on your bed and stripping him down the second he walks in the door.
Teasing him with your underwear still on until you both can't take it anymore, and give in and go all the way.
Performing a sexy striptease in his private office or on your balcony.

What sounds like a better date?
Enjoying a gourmet beachside picnic, basking in the warm sun and salty air.
Checking out the hottest new club with a man who really knows how to move.
Drinking hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire after a long day of skiiing.
An fun adventure like bungee jumping, white-water rafting or an amusement park.

Someone hands you a present. The first thing you do is:
Slowly untie the bow, feeling the silk of the ribbon slip through your fingers.
Quickly tear it open.
Set the box aside and open the card.
Shake it and try to guess what's inside.

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