001. Would you survive a horror movie?
002. What's your style?
003. Which Empire Records Character Are You?
004. Which Sex and the City Player Are You?
005. Which Buffy Girl Are You?
006. Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Girl?
007. Which Action-Movie Star Are You?
008. Which of my most-mentioned friends are you?
009. Which My So-Called Life Character Are You?
010. Which Breakfast Clubber Are You?
011. Who's Your Inner Music Industry Diva?
012. Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego?
013. Who's Your Movie Sidekick?
014. Are You a Ho?
015. Which O.C. Character Are You?
016. What's Your Problem?
017. Who Would Slaughter You in a Horror Movie?
018. What's Your Sexual M.O.?
019. Which Buffy Guy Are You?
020. Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Boy?
021. Which Hackers Character Are You? (NEW)


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